U-Moist Moisturizing Lotion 150ml

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Product Name: U-Moist Moisturizing Lotion

Ingredients: Mineral Oil (USP)20%, Acetylated Lanes (8P), Bees Wax (BP) 7%
Microcrystaline Www (USP)

Product TypeLotion

Pack Size: 150ml

Company: Rafaq Pharma

Used For: Dry and Sensitive skin

Product Detail 

U-Moist Lotion is a hypoallergenic, moisturizing lotion that contains natural lipids similar to the skin's physiological lipids in Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), a structure similar to the skin, hence revitalizing dry skin. For more detail contact with Medishop.

How to use: Apply twice daily to dry skin as needed or as directed by dermatologist. If necessary, it may used more often, idea! for the entire body.