Urinar Sachet

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Product Name:  Urinar Sachet

Ingredients:Cranberry Fruit Ext (USP) 250mg  Vitamin C(USP) IU Vitamin E (USP) 20mg

Product Type:  Sachet

Pack Size: 10's

Company:  Selco Pharma

Used For: Urinary Tract & Bladder Health

Product Detail  

  • Prevents UTI naturally in Pregnancy.
  • Reducing the frequency of recurring bladder and urinary tract infections, also helps maintain normal kidney function.
  • Helping to mask urinary odour during incontinence.
  • Helps prevent bacteria penetrating and inflaming the walls of the urinary tract.
  • Supporting overall intestinal function and immune health.
  • Supporting healthy bladder and urinary tract function.
  • Improves immunity & absorption with Vitamin C.
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