Zymo Bar 75g

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Product Name: Zymo Bar 75g

Ingredients: Salicylic Acid 5%, Precipitated Sulfur 3%

Product TypeSoap

Pack Size: 75gram

Company: Ceuti-Sol Pharma

Used For: Pimple, Fungal

Product Detail 

Dermatologist Choice for oily, pimple prone skin & fungal infection. As a cleaner it controls tinea versicolor, seborrhea, pimple & oily skin. it controls the recurrence of scalp itching, irritations and flacking associated with dandruff. highly effective aid in treatment of pimple affected skin. No added dye. it will leave your skin healthy and free from the infections.

How to use: Use it in place of the ordinary soap. Cover all the affected areas of the skin by producing rich lather. Massage at Skin for 2 minutes and rinse with ample Water. Wnjoy the freshness of pimple/fungus free with Zymo Bar.